Most Wearable Spring Trends of 2022

Now that colder days are behind us, it's time to shed those winter layers, and focus on Spring!! Who doesn't love a breath of fresh air both outside, and in our closets! But sometimes you look at the latest spring trends coming off the runway, and they aren't the most "practical". So if you're like us, and want to wear the latest trends, but more YOU, then this blog post is for you! So we are here to show off just some of the latest trends of Spring for 2022!! Wearable, easy looks for every occasion!


A little shexy (yes I meant to put the h) but not too revealing! we LOVE this trend if done right. A strategical cutout makes our day! Just like in our twisted front, side cut out midi! Click the image to shop this dress!


Oooo yes! sheer tops are HOT this year. Wear them with a fun bralette underneath, or wear them under a graphic tee to take it up a notch! or with a blazer for a night out! here are a couple we love! Click the image to shop!


Ultra Feminine

Frills, florals, and more! are you the girly girl kind? We lean a little more edgy, but I love to have fun with the ultra feminine looks! Add a pretty florals, anything with bishop sleeves, chiffon, or lace to your wardrobe for this trendy! below are a few pieces you can use to wear it!




Oh do I love pleats! I think they are SO flattering!! and add such style without being too crazy! put them in pants, skirts, or dresses for a chic bit of style

Long skirts

This trend is one we will always love! Make it every day and casual with tennis shoes and a simple tee or dress it up for a special event with heals and a pretty blouse! Shop the skirt below by clicking the image!


Rocker Tee

So this one isn't quite new, but they are everywhere and worn in every way!! we have been loving this trend for how comfy and versatile it is! the ultimate "day to night" piece. day: distressed jeans, tennis shoes, ponytail. night: structured jean, strappy heel, add a blazer or leather jacket for cooler nights. Here are a few of our favorites from the shop! Click the image to shop these looks!

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