Mother's Day - Adult Daughter Gift Guide

Let's be honest. A Mother's job doe not end! They are super women there the moment you need them. So Mother's Day, they deserved to be showered with love, and tokens of your appreciation. But now that you're an adult, the diy "I Love Mom" Mug just isn't going to cut it. So what do you get for the woman who has everything, needs nothing, and keeps telling you not to get her something. Here are a few ideas to get the brain juices flowing! 

Now, before I begin, I have a rule of thumb. Whatever it is you choose to get her, appliances are not gifts unless they ask for that! That, to me, is more of a household expense, not something you get for them to "treat themselves" and be pampered. I still remember the day a customer came in because his daughter told him a new washer and dryer WAS NOT a gift. He kept going on and on about how they needed a washer and dryer though. So I asked, "If you need a new oven, and your wife buys you an oven for your gift, would you be very happy?" He said, "well, no". I then said "Because that is an expense for the household correct? not a gift for you? Something that lets you treat yourself from the norm of day to day life?". The light bulb kicked on as he realized no, appliances are not gifts! NOW, that doesn't mean it can never be a gift! Some women actually want a new oven, vacuum, washer or dryer for their gift! But that is only if you hear the words "I want....". and there are also exceptions! We have a rumba listed because that is just awesome and works without you being there. It's not your normal vacuum you have to operate, and frees up time you can spend on something you enjoy.


Spa treatments 

pedicure, mani, massage, facial, botox - The ultimate "treat yo self" gift! I am a sucker for all things spa treatments! So for the lady who says she doesn't want anything, this is the gift for them! No items they have to figure out when to use and how, or cluttering up the house! Not sure what your mom would like? Find a place that does it all and get a general gift card. that way they can decide. wrap it in a small gift bag with a list of all their services for a more eye catching look! If you are local to Adorn, Infinity Salon and Spa, our business friends off a wide selection of services including massage, manis, spa pedis, and more!


Car Detail Gift Card

This one doesn't sound all that fancy, but trust me! Its something she won't see coming, but will unexpectedly love! A good car detailing is a hard thing to explain the value of unless you've had it done. LIFE CHANGING! Especially if they live in the country, this will be so appreciated. They shampoo your seats, and flooring, shine up and dust all surfaces, clean/shine/buff the outside, and I've even seen them take apart parts of the car to vacuum or blowout the dirt and dust so the clean lasts longer!!! Plus, its another amazing gift for a woman who has it all! 


Family Photo Album with Hand Written Notes


This one a customer suggested. She did it for her mother, and I think it is a FABULOUS idea. Create a photo album with family portraits, memories, and more! then leave a few blank pages through out for kids and grandkids to write a little note to their mother/grandmother. You can get crafty and do your own scrap book, or do as I did, and just use Shutterfly! 

Homemade Brunch or Dinner. 

As a waitress who has worked many a Mother's Day, do not torture yourself and try to go out to eat. 1. it's much less personal. and 2. it is a war zone out there! If you are even lucky enough to get a table, it will more than likely be after an hour to two hour wait. Service will be a tad slow because of how packed they are (especially with the currant restaurant labour shortages) and your servers will be visibly stressed. Just spare yourself the misery and make it much more personal with a homemade brunch or dinner. Here's just a few of our suggestions? 


  • (Easy) Quiche (fancy egg tart). our favorite fillings are spinach/onion/feta, or ham/cheddar/broccoli. But pinterest has TONS of filling ideas! TIP: buy your pie crust at the store. that way all you have to do is chop and add your filling, then pour egg/cheese mixture over and bake
  • (Easy) Cream Cheese stuffed french toast with a berry compote - TIP: use two slices of bread, spread cream cheese mixture between the two slices like a sandwhich, then put in egg batter and fry 
  • (More Difficult) crostini with balsamic strawberries and ricotta
  • (Easy) Make your own mimosa or bloody mary bar - TIP: use fruit sorbet instead of champagne! otherwise get your favorite chopped fruit and different fruit juices besides orange juice for mimosas! for Bloody Mary I love bacon, olives, pickle spears, salami, and different cheeses


  • Prime Rib and twice baked potatoes 
  • Shrimp scampi with linguine
  • baked salmon with dill sauce and asparagus


  • (Easy) No bake chocolate tart
  • (Easy) No bake cheesecake cup with berries
  • (Easy) Frozen Lemon Bars
  • (Easy) No Bake Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza - Buy pre-baked sugar cookies, cream cheese fruit dip, and sliced fruit at the grocery store. To assemble spread fruit dip on cookie and top with chopped fruit  

Physical Gift ideas: 

Home spa Package - include a super luxe robe, essential oils, or high end candles, body scrubs and detox rubs! Other fun additions are gua sha stones or face rollers and body massagers. Here's a link for a few items we love! 

Home made cocktail kit - We have some fun jar cocktail kits, or try your hand at homemade margarita mix! I make this as a gift all the time and it's always a hit!

Luxury scarf or shawl - I like to sit on the patio in the evening when it's maybe a bit chilly sometimes, and the two scarves/shawls I have are amazing for this and I take them everywhere I go!

Rumba - Hear my out on why this isn't considered a household appliance - no one has to be there for it to be used! it frees up so much time and helps your mother to come home to a clean house without her having to do it! 


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