Gifts with Lydia! Holiday shopping made easy with Pre Packaged and customizable gift sets!

You're in the middle of the holiday season, you're staring at that mounting shopping list, and you walk past those gift sets in Walmart or Target. How many of you have grabbed it out ease and accessibility? I know I have!! But something about it never sat well with me. It was so impersonal, definitely not cute, and gave the impression that I just didn't care. But I did it because I was low on time, patience, and ideas! Well Adorn is here to fix that! with our new segment, Gifts with Lydia, we're creating pre packaged gift sets, customizable gifts sets, and plenty of gift guides!

Each week we'll be coming to you with new ideas for even the pickiest on your list! Then you can buy it as is and just walk out the door with one less person to worry about, or come see us to make something more personal! 

This week we got together just a few SMALL ideas. I say small because later we're doing much bigger baskets! so stay tuned for that! 

Gift Set 1 - Take and pay set "Baby It's Cold outside" 
This lovely set includes a buffalo plaid blanket scarf and winter beanie with a fn inspirational necklace. this is going to work for ANY woman on your list! we packaged it so that you can just set it under the tree as is, or we can put it in a gift bag for you to keep it a surprise! this package shows how much thought and personality you put into the gift!

Gift set 2 and 3 - Change it up set RSD Polly and Sunglasses case
Need something small for that co-worker, friend, or someone who needs nothing! these are perfect! buy the pre packaged sets we already have, or design/pick your own polly and sunglasses holder! Our current pre packaged ones include a Polly with a necklace and gift card, then a sunglasses case with a gift card and hand cream! the fun thing about these options is we can ad WHATEVER you like to it! or just give us an amount you want to spend and we'll throw something together for you to pick up! 

Gift Set 4 - Change it up RSD Kinley Cube
This set is VERY similar to the Polly and Sunglasses case. pick a Kinley Cube we have in store or design your own! Then we'll add whatever you like to it within your budget and package it up nicely! it can be a gift within a gift! 

Gift Set 5 - Take and Pay set "house warmer"
This gift set can be for not only Christmas, but a thank you gift, housewarming gift, or really whatever you want! It is a take and pay set, so you just buy it and take it with you. it includes a fun wine bag, tea towel, hair clip, hand cream, and spatula. perfect for the cook in your family!

Fun additons: We can add WHATEVER you like to your gift sets, but we also have smaller pre packaged "add ons" I like to call them. these are when you've found that cute sweater for someone on your list, but you want something a little more. we have adorable wrapped candles, fun packaged jewelry sets or individiuals, bath bombs, mugs, and more!!! we can add them to any gift! OR get them as is for a small thank you gift or for that office gift exchange!

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